Unser neues Projekt

One or the other may have already noticed that we are not even halfway through the school year and that we have already almost completed the project by completing and erecting the monument. But how are we doing now? – Of course we already have a new project: stumbling blocks.
Surely you have seen a stumbling block on the street or in front of a house before, unfortunately the inscription on these stones can no longer be deciphered as they look worn out by wind, weather and pedestrians. That’s why the first task of our course was to solve this problem at least in parts of Bochum: Motivated, we go to the stones in small groups and clean them until they shine again. Of course, we not only deal with the beautification of these stones, but will also develop new biographies ourselves in the future and help to lay the stumbling blocks. In this way, too, we can commemorate the victims of the Second World War and the persecution by the National Socialists. The humiliated, persecuted and killed people have a memorial as well,
So the next time you see a stumbling block, just take the time to stop and read the few dates on the small plaque, because this is how you can think of these victims of the war and symbolize that their death was not in vain!

Before, afterwards: