2. Besuch des Projektkurses im Ausbildungszentrum von ThyssenKrupp

We’re done! The time has finally come that our project course was able to complete the monuments with the huge support of the project courses from previous years .

After the first visit to the ThyssenKrupp training center on September 20, 2019, it was already clear that we would come again to screw the brass plates to the large steles:

On November 5th, the time had finally come. Together we drove back to ThyssenKrupp with a decimated number and threw ourselves into work. First, the pre-drilled holes on the steles had to be filled with a special screw adhesive to protect them from theft. We then began to screw the brass plates, which we had already completed, onto the steles. Pretty hard work! The initial „simply tighten the screw with a screwdriver“ turned out to be more complex work than initially assumed. But even that could not stop our course to complete the two monument steles, so that we could leave satisfied.
Now we just have to hope that the steles will be on the Flower Cemetery, as planned for the day of remembrance on November 17th.That was also a pretty big organizational challenge, as Mr. Wicking, a member of the district association of the Volksbund in Bochum, reported to us: From a static point of view, the steles have to be made heavier with concrete blocks weighing five tons , which cannot be cast on site but have to be delivered separately . With the steles weighing around one ton, the transport is an enormous obstacle, and the THW will kindly help us out. So for now we can only say: „Keep your fingers crossed“ and hope that the monuments will be erected on the day of commemoration.

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